How To Order

Welcome to Serenity's Flower and Card shop. Here you'll be able to view all the designs we have. There's tons to look at and we are adding new ones all the time.

Make someone's day today. Order one of these special gifts sets for one of your friends.

How to Order

Browse the designs and choose the design you like best.

Be sure to remember the name of the particular design and the item that you'll need to gift me in order to order. (Each design usually comes with a deco that you'll need to send me....sometimes a deco ticket, of special gold flowers ect.)

You'll need to prepare a special little note for the recipient of the gift and copy their link.

The fee is 50 random food or 100 ades.

You'll need to go to Serenity's Fluffbook and gift her the specified item along with the food fee, requesting to order. ***VERY IMPORTANT***Please send along the recipients link and your special note to Serenity at this time.

Serenity will then prepare your gift. First she will gather the desired flowers and vase for the design. Then she will set the arrangement perfectly. Then she will deliver all the items in the design along will your personal note.

Each delivery is that is made will say something like this....

Oh lucky you!!! You've just received a special delivery from Serenity Flower Shop. That means one of your friends wanted to surprise you with this special gift....aren't you lucky??!!!
Hope you enjoy your gift...please go to this link to see your gift
(link to art)
Your friend included a personal it is....
(your note here)
and to visit him/her to say Thank's the link
(your link here)

Please note we can also incorporate Mega Minis into the design if you want to make your gift extra special....but of course you'll have to send along the mega mini to be included in your gift.

If you have any questions please feel free to inquire at Serenity's Fluffbook. We'de be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Future plans....
We'll be adding card designs soon as well as a portfolio of custom come back soon!

Spring Catalogue

Welcome to Serenity's Flower shop. These are our current designs....enjoy browsing!

Asian Bamboo
This gorgeous Asian arrangement in white requires that you send Serenity 1 Deco ticket for the deco bamboo +50 foods or 100 ades. Serenity will shop for the bamboo and she'll include white orchides, jasmine and to stocks of lucky bamboo.

Birthday Balloon Set
This design is great for Birthdays but it can easily be altered for everyday by covering that birthday balloon....just let us know. To order you'll only need 50 food or 100 ades. Serenity will do all the shopping. She include birthday balloons, 2 purple orchids, 2 pansies and one blue gift bag. Don't forget Serenity can include a Mega Mini for those special occassions....just send it along with your order.

Fruit Basket Set
This Awesome and wholesome basket requires deco tickets..lots of them. To order you'll need to send Serenity 6...that's right...6 deco tickets. She'll do all the shopping and she'll include the beautiful Easter basket, and 3 plum blossoms.

Love Balloon Set
The lucky recipient of this gift must surely be loved. To order please send 1 bouquet of roses + 50 food or 100 ades. Serenity will include 1 set of balloons, one heart balloon, 1 valentine and a gift bag.

Lucky Asian Delight
This arrangement should bring luck to anyone...or at least a smile.! The design includes a deco food bamboo so to order you'll need to send 1 deco food ticket. Serenity will purchase the bamboo and she'll include 2 purple orchids, and one lucky bamboo.

Perfectly Purple
This stunning and regal design requires that you send Serenity 1 green Easter grass. Serenity will include 1 dark plastic egg bottom, 1 eternal violet, 2 pansies, and 3 lavender.

Precious Pink Set
This simple yet gorgeous design will bring a smile to your friends face. To order just send over a pink bow +50 foods or 100 ades and Serenity will include a pink tulip, 1 pink daisy, 1 magenta daisy, 1 plum blossom, a palm leaf and a planters pot.

Precious Pink Deluxe Set
This one includes a beautiful Plumeria which you will need to send to Serenity +50 foods or 100 ades. She'll do the rest! She'll include a pink tulip, a plum blossom, a magenta daisy, a pink daisy, a piece of holly and a beautiful pink bow in this fitting green vase.

Spring Tulips (Blue) set
This is so cheery! ...and cheap!!! To order just send 50 foods or 100 ades. Serenity will do all the shopping. She'll include a blue watering can, 2 jasmine, 1 pink daisy and 3 tulips.

Secret admirer Set
This arrangement speaks to the heart. To order please send 1 red rose. Serenity will include 2 poppies, 2 magenta daisies, 1 heart balloon and a giant red bow.

Sparkling White Set
To order this please send 1 sparkle. Serenity will include 1 planter's pot, 2 calilies, and 2 white daisies.

Spring Tulips (Yellow) Set
Just in time for spring but beautiful throughout the year. To order this gorgeous arrangement you'll need to send 1 yellow watering can. Serenity will include 2 yellow tulips, 2 daffodils, and 2 orange daisies.

Sunshine Set
This will brighten anyones day!!!! To order you'll need to send 1 Sunflower +50 foods or 100 ades. Serenity will include 1 daffodil, 2 daisies, 1 yellow tulip, the green vase, and the beautiful yellow Australian flower.

Tea Set
To gift this beauty you'll first have to part with a tea pot. Serenity does not have those in stock. So to order send 1 tea pot +50 foods or 100 ades. Serenity will include 1 calily, 1 tulip,1 magenta daisy, 1 pink daisy, jasmine and 2 plum blossoms.

White Orchid Set
Isn't this one gorgeous???!!!!..and the best thing about is you don't need to send anything other than the 50 foods or ades. Serenity will do all the shopping for this one. The gift includes a white orchid, 3 Jasmine and a valentine.

White Princess Set
This is a unique and stunning gift that will make anyone's day! You'll need to send Serentiy 1 Yellow Easter Grass + 50 random foods or 100 ades. Serenity will include a white orchid, jasmine, 1 plastic egg bottom, 1 palm leaf and 2 Daisies.

White Tuxedo Set
This simple yet elegant design only requires a white bow tie and the food fee (50 foods or 100 ades) Serenity will include the planter's pot, 2 calilies, 2 daisies and a palm leaf.

Wine Basket Set
This gorgeous basket includes three deco foods so to order you'll have to send Serenity 3 deco tickets + 50 foods or 100 ades. She'll buy the foods and convert the tickets. She will also include an Easter basker and 5 Plum blossoms.

Winter White Set
This classy design requires that you send Serenity one Snowflake +50 foods or 100 ades. She will include the planters pot, 2 calilies, and 2 daisies and a white bow tie. Don't forget to include a little personal note that Serenity will send along with your gift.

Thanks for coming!....Come back again soon to see new designs.